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How To Take Photos

  • Digital cameras are easy and preferred for best results. Set your digital camera to its highest resolution for best results. A 10-mega pixel digital camera would be a minimum for large poster results.

  • Adjust your camera settings or select the shooting mode that captures the highest quality image for the largest possible print picture. View your camera menu to see how many photos you have available. With the camera set at normal, you may be able to capture for example 1000 images at 4"x 6" in size on a low setting and by adjusting your setting to the highest setting, the number count may then be lower with only 120 images at 18"x 24" in size, which is required for best results.

  • There is no need for a professional SLR digital camera when creating large photo images. Most simple digital cameras sold today will do the job very well.

  • When taking a photo of your vehicle and wanting your photograph image results to be as clear and sharp as possible, position yourself as close-up as possible to the vehicle or its subject detail and avoid at all times using the zoom option on your camera, which will tend to making your image very grainy and harsh.

  • Before photographing your vehicle, take a look at your surroundings; buildings, trees and other background or nearby items may reflect on your vehicle body panels. It's therefore best to photograph your vehicle in a clear, area such as an empty parking lot or other wide open space.

  • Take several exterior front, rear, side and 3/4 view angles of your vehicle. Remember to include the interior dash, engine and close-ups of any emblems. Please refer to the below example images.

  • Pay close attention to your lighting. Take photos either on a sunny day or a semi-bright cloudy overcast day, keeping in mind to always have the sun positioned either behind you or slightly to your left or right shoulder. Avoid photographing your vehicle with the sun positioned in front of you, as this will cause the sun to reflect onto your vehicle, causing unwanted sun glare and in result, a lower quality image.

  • Once completed, email us 5-15 photos of your vehicle and we'll take care of the rest. It's that simple. Please refer to our Photo Tips for more information regarding photographing your vehicle yourself.

How To Order

  • Go to the Order Page, or click to open and provide us with your contact information, digital photos and request details.

  • High quality digital images can be large in size, so you may be required to send only 2-3 images at a time until completed (depending on your email provider).

  • Once we've received your request, images and deposit, we'll begin creating your personalized Poster or Show Board and send you a draft proof for approval.

  • Please refer to Posters & Show Boards for print options.

  • We also offer professional framing services, themed backgrounds, travel to location, reprints, stands and gift certificates. Please refer to Additional Services for more information.

  • To process your order, once your photos and request details have been received, a purchase order will be sent to you detailing the estimated price of your purchase. Once we receive your $100 deposit, we'll begin work on your personalized Poster or Show Board. Please refer to Deposit & Work Order as well as Payment Options for full details.

Photo Quality Services

  • At our location, services include a full colour 20" x 24" premium quality deluxe photo print starting for as little as $130.

  • Get started and have your very own personal custom poster of your vehicle professionally created.

  • Posters are fade resistant indoors and will make great memories for you, family and friends to enjoy.

Photo Tips: Easy Steps to Your Own Poster

  • Have your poster professionally created. Look for our display at car, truck and bike show events throughout Ontario where we will, on location, photograph your vehicle to create your personal custom poster. You may also arrange an appointment to photograph your vehicle at our location in Toronto.

  • If you choose to photograph your own vehicle, simply send 5-15 photos of your vehicle to our email address. The more photos we have, the more creative we can be. You will receive a draft proof of your poster for approval and upon that time, you may have the opportunity to review and approve to proceed to printing.

    The poster design will take numerous hours to be conceived by the art designer's time and will not be changed without consideration of new time and cost added for any significant changes.

  • This is a 'one of a kind' original poster, keeping in mind that the poster we create to be similar as to the selected 'Poster Style' type of your choice or any other design which you may have in mind.

    Keep in mind, you are telling us about your preferences in what you want in a poster and is important to you.

    With the photos and any instructions from you, we will combine these items together in creating you a truly unique custom poster.

Posters & Show Boards

  • Posters created are 20" x 24" or 24" x 30" premium quality deluxe photo prints with a one inch white border. They may be hung on the wall as is or better yet, mounted and framed.

  • Show Boards created are 20" x 24" premium quality deluxe photo prints applied with a smooth non-glare matte UV film laminated onto the print, then mounted onto a wooden fibre substrate with a black beveled shaped edge.This board is ideal for the outdoors, which is protected from the sun and is water-resistant.

  • Regarding your vehicle text information on your Show Board. You can enclose in your email a list of modifications and vehicle information you wish listed and suggest you keep it simple. We will place your choice of text on your Show Board and beware of spelling errors, we are not responsible for spelling errors. So please check your draft proof carefully prior to approval. If you do wish to have text information, it is only placed onto Show Boards for information purposes.

  • A name or title on your Poster is always good, which may include your vehicle production name or maybe a personal fun name you may have of your choice.

  • Note that in your choice of text, we do reserve the right not to have display inappropriate wording or associated in producing offensive posters.

  • Please note that the vehicle colour on the print is almost impossible to be exactly the same as what you see on your vehicle, being that the colour mode setting on your camera and computer are not calibrated with our computers nor the photo lab system. Even the best of magazines find it difficult to be a match. We do our best to making sure the colours in our Posters and Show Boards are a good and reasonable representation of your vehicle colour.

Framing & Additional Services

  • We also offer Professional Framing services of your final Poster 24" x 30" print size. We would provide the print properly mounted behind clear glass with a 3" top colour mat and a 1/4" sub colour mat of your choice, with a 1" wide hardwood painted lacquer frame imported from Italy in several finishes available in high gloss, satin and natural wood stain finishes to suit your Poster and preference. Complete Framing cost: $200. A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required at this time before commencing.
    Click to view:   Frame Colour Samples

  • Framing is also available of your final Poster 20"x24" print size. We would provide the print properly mounted behind clear glass with a 1" wide hardwood painted black satin finish frame. Complete Framing cost: $80.

  • Both poster sizes available to plaque: Poster size 20" x 24" cost: $60. Poster size 24" x 30" cost: $80.

  • Background Themes are available upon request. We create themes to represent your vehicle or suit a subject matter which adds a dramatic background appearance to your Poster. Background Theme cost: $70.

  • Multiple Different Vehicles can also be incorporated into your Poster, to create a varied collection of vehicles for those who have more than one vehicle and wish to show them together. Cost to include the 'Poster Style' order of your choice, plus an extra cost for each additional different vehicle. Different Vehicle cost: $30.

  • Additional Prints available upon request: 20" x 24" / 24" x 30" print sizes as per your Poster or Show Board order. With original order cost: $60. As a separate order cost: $75.

  • Additional Prints available upon request: 8" x 10" print size.
    With original order cost: $15. As a separate order cost: $20.

  • Travel and Location vehicle photographic services available at your site. Cost depending on area and distance.

  • Gift Certificates are available for individual Posters, Show Boards and any other services that we may provide. They make a great gift for anyone who has a special vehicle.

  • Show Board Stands have been manufactured exclusively to hold your Show Board securely and upright while displaying your board at car show events. With original order cost: $30. As a separate order cost: $35.
    Click to view:   Show Board Stand

Deposit & Work Order

  • To process your work order to creating a Poster or Show Board of your vehicle, and/or upon receiving any or all photos and information of you vehicle. A Purchase Order will be sent to you from our office to proceed in creating a Poster or Show Board and supplying you with a draft proof of the final design. A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required at this time before commencing.

  • After draft proof approval to proceed to print of your Poster or Show Board, the remaining balance owing will need to be paid in full by using any of the payment options as listed below prior to delivery, or Cash on pick-up of final completed orders. Upon receiving full payment, the Poster will be packaged in a mailing tube and the Show Board will be packed in a box. We also offer shipping of completed framed Posters. Please inquire for details and cost. The item will be shipped to you at your mailing address via Canada Post, US Mail, or Courier Services. Mail of Courier Service, Shipping & Handling are additional charges. Costs vary depending upon location and parcel size and a cost will be supplied to you for approval prior to delivery.

Payment Options

  • All major Credit Cards, Bank Draft, Money Order or Certified Cheque. A secure payment method using Canada or US Postal Service.

  • Paypal -   A secure payment method paying online accepted throughout Canada and USA.

  • Taxes are in Canadian Funds and will be applied to all Canadian orders.

In The Media

Purchasing Poster Agreement Disclaimer:

  • holds all rights to all our Posters and Show Board designs. You agree and acknowledge giving us permission that your Poster or Show Board design will be displayed on our website and/or other promotional items or events, or for our own promotional use.

  • Promotional items are to include website, portfolio, promotional advertising or show event display purposes. Duplication of any kind are prohibited without our explicite permission.

  • is a Trademark signature, which is applied to all Posters and Show Boards for identification and copyright purposes.

  • Please contact us for further information at: